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  • How to book a cleanup

    All households with a domestic waste service can book up to 4 free clean up collections each calendar year to dispose of bulky household waste. Before booking a clean up collection, look into recycling options and consider donating usable items to charity, selling items or giving them away. For more information, see the A-Z of Waste and Recycling

    To book a clean-up, call 4732 7777. There is generally a minimum 2-4 week wait - please plan ahead and call early, especially if you need the waste removed prior to a particular date (such as the end of a rental lease). Busy periods such as around Christmas, Easter and school holidays may have a 4-8 week wait.

    Items can be placed on the kerbside in a tidy and safe manner the day before the scheduled collection. Each clean up collection is limited to a 1.8 x 1.2m (4 x 6 ft) box trailer load. Please note that a separate truck collects metals for recycling- this could occur on the next working day after your scheduled clean-up collection. Please place any metals to the side of the clean up to allow for faster collection.

    Example of a neat and tidy cleanup

    We can collect

    • Unwanted or broken household items such as clothing or toys - must be bagged or boxed
    • Broken or unwanted furniture
    • Mattresses (limit of 2 per clean up)
    • Whitegoods
    • Garden clippings (bagged or boxed)
    • Tree branches up to 10cm diameter and up to 1.2 m lengths, tied in manageable bundles.

    We can't collect

    • Building materials, demolition or renovation waste such as bricks, concrete, tiles, fibro/asbestos*, sinks, baths, gyprock, fence palings and roof sheeting
    • Car parts of any kind
    • Liquid, trade or industrial waste
    • Household kitchen waste
    • Tree stumps
    • Large oversized items such as spa baths
    • Hazardous waste including gas bottles and car batteries
    • Large glass items such as fishtanks or mirror panels
    • For further information on how to dispose of these items, see the A-Z of Waste and Recycling

    * View information on Asbestos safety.

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