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  • Environmental Photo Competition

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  • Each year, Council runs this photo competition to celebrate Biodiversity Month  and National Water Week.    

    Entries for the 2017 Environmental Photo Competition are now closed. You can view the winners below.

    Did you know?

    • The total length of all waterways within the Penrith area is about 1,500 km
    • Wetlands are biodiversity ‘hotspots’
    • 17 locally indigenous fish species occur within the Penrith area
    • Over 12.5 million cigarette butts are littered across Penrith each year, with many ending up in our waterways
    • There are over 40 species of threatened animals in Penrith
    • Up to 40% of a household's water use can be replaced with rainwater
    • Stormwater flows untreated to our creeks and rivers and is not connected to sewer
    • Stormwater runoff carries chemicals, minerals, and nutrients into our creeks
    • More than 83% of original bushland in Penrith has been cleared

    Caring for Penrith's environment and our precious water and biodiversity resources is everyone's responsibility. Council is committed to improving and maintaining the health of our waterways, and raising community awareness about water use, biodiversity and water conservation.

  • Photo Competition 2017 Winners

    Council received some amazing entries in the 2017 Environmental Photography Competition. Over 120 entries were submitted covering the theme "Water – the heart of our community". Special guest judge and wildlife photographer Mark Fuller selected the winning images. Congratulations to all our winners - see cropped versions of their entries below.

    Open Category

    First Place - Laura Payne (Title: Forest Tunnel)

    2017 - Open Laura Payne Forest Tunnel

    Second Place - Donna Morgan (Title: Sunrise)

    2017 - Open Second Donna Morgan Sunrise

    Third Place - Brett Pascoe (Title: Golden Nepean)

    2017 - Open Third Brett Pascoe Golden Nepean

    Youth Category

    First Place - Letisha Hopton (Title: Overflow)

    2017 - Youth First Letisha Hopton Overflow

    Second Place - Giorgia Apap (Title: Amongst the ferns)

    2017 - Youth Second Giorgia Apap Amongst The Ferns

    Third Place - Jessica Kinsella (Title: Serenity)

    2017 - Youth Third Jessica Kinsella Serenity

    Kids Category

    First Place - Darcy O'Brien (Title: Building Nature's Community One Egg at a Time)

    2017 - Kids First Darcy OBrien One Egg at a Time

    Second Place - Billy Hutton (Title: Sunset Over Nepean Bridge)

    2017 - Kids Second Billy Hutton Sunset

    Third Place - Olivia Barrett (Title: Sunny Saturdays) 2017 - Kids Third Olivia Barrett Sunny Saturdays

  • Photo Competition 2016 winners

    Council received some amazing entries in the 2016 Environmental Photography Competition. Over 165 entries were submitted covering the theme "Water – Life - Growth". Special guest judge and professional photographer Katrina James selected the winning images. Congratulations to all our winners - see cropped versions of their entries below.

    Open Category

    First Place - Tim Searle (Title: Mystic Dawn)

    2016 Photo Comp Open Winner

    Second Place - Melanie Beattie (Title: 7:10 Commute)

    2016 Photo Comp Open Second

    Third Place - Tracy Middelton (Title: Small Things)

    2016 Photo Comp Open Third

    Youth Category

    First Place - Luke Fenech (Title: Window to the World)

    2016 Photo Comp Youth winner

    Second Place - Cooper Hill (Title: Pods)

    2016 Photo Comp Youth Second

    Third Place - Jessica Murray (Title: Take-off)

    2016 Photo Comp Youth Third

    Kids Category

    First Place - Alyssa Warren (Title: Curiosity)

    2016 Photo Comp Kids Category Winner

    Second Place - Amba Korvemaa (Title: Left One Out)

    2016 Photo Comp Kids Category Second

    Third Place - Trent Hopton (Title: Family Swim)

    2016 Photo Comp Kids Category Third  

  • Photo Competition 2015 winners

    Council received a number of fantastic entries for our 2015 Environmental Photography Competition.

    There were over 140 entries submitted in response to the theme Our Water, Our Future and all photographs were taken in the Penrith area. Special guest judge and award winning local photographer Matthew Everingham selected the winning entries.

    Open category

    First place – Dong Vuong (Title: Sunset)

    2015 Photo Comp Open Category first place - Dong Vuong 'Sunset at Regatta'

    Second place – Robert Pearson (Title: Rowing Lake Pelican)

    2015 Photo Comp Open Category second place - Robert Pearson 'Rowing Lake Pelican'

    Third place – Melanie Beattie (Title: Flow)

    2015 Photo Comp Open Category third place - Melanie Beattie – “Flow”

    Youth category

    First place – Callum Meney (Title: Barricade)

    2015 Photo Comp Youth Category first place - Callum Meney 'Baracade in River'

    Second Place – Rose-Marie Rech (Title: Water Explosion)

    2015 Photo Comp Youth Category second place - Rose-Marie Rech 'Water Explosion'
    Third Place – Sofie Schenk (Title: Bridge)

    2015 Photo Comp Youth Category third place - Sophie Schenk 'Bridge'

    Kids category

    First Place – Sofia Fasitsas (Title: Hidden Water Dragon)

    2015 Photo Comp Kids Category first place - Sofia Fasitsas 'Shh hidden water dragon in water

    Second place – Piper Spackman (Title: Dawning of a New Day)

    2015 Photo Comp Kids Category second place - Piper Spackman – 'Dawning of a New Day'

    Third place – Holly Munday (Title: Rowers)

    2015 Photo Comp Kids Category third place - Holly Munday – 'Rowers'

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